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Mike Feldman


Mike Feldman has been playing the Bass for over 15 years. He is a self taught Musician who figured out how to play as many Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath songs as he could when he was younger. These influences have contributed greatly to his style. Mike also plays bass in Novembers Doom.


Dane has always been Heavily influenced by Bruce Dickinson (duh!). So, at the tender age of 13, he began making strange sounds from his mouth. Eventually, He settled in, and everyone said that he should be in an Iron Maiden tribute band.

He, however, wanted to go his own way and develop his own style. After he had achieved that goal performing with Sleepy Hollow, Distant Mind, Beautiful Chaos, Crank, and had recorded Septer: The God Key, and a self titled debut with Sins of a Nation, he met Judas Beast. They convinced him that he could add Halford to his repertoire, and so, here we are.

Dane McCartney


Jess was in a blues project in the 90's (The Big Skinny Blues Band) which gave me a whole new perspective on drumming. Jess was actually kicked out for being to technical. That's when he knew Nicko Mcbrain had a hold on him and went back to where he belongs. His other influences are Neil Pert, Mickie D, Ian Paice, Buddy Rich, Cozy Powell,Terry Bozzio, Stewart Copeland, Don Henley, Nick Mason, and Alan White to name a few. He recently has been working on original music and finding it to be very interesting and satisfying. Jess hasn’t attempted originals since the very late 80's and he wishes that it didn't take him 15 plus years to have the confidence to attempt it, but like they always say better late then never. His dream is to one day make custom drum kits and donate them to churches and unfortunate children who have a dream but not the means. Jess was a very late bloomer on the drums and understand what it's like to want something so bad, and not have the money to afford it....There is much more he still needs to learn about playing the drums and it would be most gratifying to him, too pass some basic skills to another for free.....

Jess Naputano



As newly anointed third guitarist for Judas Beast, Jeremy is no stranger to Iron Maiden's music. He has previously handled Dave Murray's guitar duties in a different Chicago area Iron Maiden tribute band, and brings 20+ years of playing experience. With Jeremy in the band, we can now surge ahead without missing a beat. ...And aside from playing the guitar, he also at times plays the fool.

Jeremy Lizik


Matt is one of three guitarists playin the role of adrian smith. In addition to the guitar, he also plays keyboards, clarinet, sax, drums, and bass. Since the age of 15 he has been shredding it up in rock bands across the midwest, and on the east coast.

Matt Berger


Judas Beast welcomes Matt Verden back into the JB family in 2013 representing Mr. Gers. Matt is no stranger to Iron Maiden's music. Like Jeremy, he had previously been in a number of Iron Maiden tribute bands within the Chicagoland area and even had a stint with JB years back. He brings over 20 years experience to the band, along with some of Janick's notable stage antics and energy. The addition of Matt helps to complete the three guitar onslaught that Iron Maiden has become known for today. He's thoroughly enjoying his second tour with JB after having a few shows under his belt and is thankful to be jamming with some new and familiar faces again! The level of talent in this band is extraordinary...Here's to a new chapter in JB's history.

Matt Verden

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